About Us

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SEM Pharmacy is a proven excellent pharmacy. We are one of the most trusted, most referred to and most cost efficient pharmacies. We exist to serve your medication and medical supply needs. We have been serving the Houston, Texas area for many years and we take pride in excellently and dedicatedly meeting our customers’ needs for quite some time now.

SEM Pharmacy provides all services and products one can expect from a pharmacy, only ours is just always preceded with the word ‘high quality’ and ‘cost effective’. You can avail of our excellent compounding services, diabetic management, and generic plan. You can purchase asthma supplies, durable medical equipments, nutritional supplements, and a large selection of over-the-counter medicines from us.

Our staff of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are friendly, skilled professionals, approachable, knowledgeable, and are always ready to serve you. In fact, one is ready now to answer any of your healthcare needs, inquiries, and concerns. Call us at 281-861-7788 or visit our drugstore.