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We thank you for visiting the SEM Pharmacy website today. Our specialization is in providing for medical supply and medication requirements that our customers in Houston, Texas have. We cater to retail orders from private individuals and bulk purchases from hospitals, clinics and other medical establishments.

Apart from pharmacy products, we also offer compounding solutions and services in the areas of women’s health, pain medications, facial creams, children’s special medication and so much more.

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Beyond the pharmacy services we offer, SEM Pharmacy extends to serving you more by providing durable medical equipments.Experts have developed these medical equipments to stand durable beyond time, fit for the use of the specific patient or medical practitioner.

The following equipments can be purchased from us:
Hospital beds. Semi-electric beds with side railings that can be customized for home stays or patient age bracket.
Commode chairs. Toilet risers come with an optional padded arm rest (variations for both color and size are available).
Canes and Crutches. Height and other specifications to style can be adjusted.
WalkerRoll-a-bout knee walkers. Also come with padded knee rest for additional support
Wheelchairs. Compact and lightweight models that can be personalized towards meeting your special concerns.
Nebulizers and Breast Pump. Personal tubing kits are available. Stock replacement gliders are also available upon request.

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